SMS Messaging is changing the way that businesses and their customers are interacting. From setting appointments, to asking questions, updating them on the status of their order, or letting your entire customer base know about this week's promotion are all within the realm of possibilities. These services are a great addition to any of our Synergy Suite packages.

Some statistics

90% of All SMS Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes
The Open Rate of SMS is 98% Compared with 22% of Emails
Mobile Offers are Redeemed 10x More Frequently Than Print Offers

Outbound Marketing Messages

Businesses get a high return on their text messaging promotions. This is due to the read rate of messages and the fact that people always have their phone. It's not like the old days when you get to the counter and realize you forgot your coupon at home.


1-to-1 messaging

There are so many ways to use 1-to-1 messaging that it is quickly taking over business communications. Many of our customers are using it to send their clients a link to their Synergy Suite review page after a purchase or completed project.


Inbound Messaging

Make it as easy as possible for new customers to get in touch. By placing a "Text Us" button on your home page, you give them an easy way to reach out to you!