To win the race, you’ve gotta get there first!

In order to replace the competition, a new product has to be 7x better in the eyes of the user.

To help you get to market first, we provide you with a Presnece Builder account. This intuitive product starts the conversation with potential customers and opens the doorway to future transactions.


Presence Builder includes three key tools: Listing Distribution, Presence Blast, and My Listing pages.


Improve your search presence with Micro-Sites.

Get a responsive, mobile-friendly site within a day. You can update it without any coding knowledge.

  • Get a fully responsive site
  • Have your branding prominently displayed
  • Have clear calls to action to maximize conversions

Fix your listings on 300+ websites with Listing Distribution

With the click of a button, all of your online listings will be accurate across all of their key sources.

  • See in detail how and when listings change
  • See progress reports that prove the work’s being done

73% of people lose trust in a brand when their listings are incorrect.1

It’s essential that your business listings are right, or you could be driving them straight to your competitors. Customers blame businesses when their info is wrong, and they punish them for it.


The data landscape is very complex, and understanding how data changes across the web can be challenging for businesses. Therefore, it’s critical to have a report on how everything is working.


Some of the challenges include:

  • Different standards from different providers regarding how to display NAP data, such as address formats
  • Data providers accept data in different time frames
  • Search sites receiving data from these providers update their listings on different schedules, from daily to weekly to monthly to quarterly (or perhaps never)
  • Listing data submissions may be rejected by providers for different reasons


Efficiently create and maintain listings with Presence Blast

Accurate business listings improve the chances a business will get found in local searches. If the business info is wrong, it can lead to lost sales opportunities. With Presence Blast, you can:

  • Instantly create 35+ listings on reputable listing sites
  • Generate locations in 12 popular navigation systems
  • Control business listings from one place
  • Protect listings from changes by third parties
  • Sync to Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare