The marketing world has become quite complex.  With complexity comes opportunity!  Are you equipped to make the most of it?  Synergy has the technology with the power to deliver results!

Track My Calls is a "Customer Capture" solution focused on identifying the source of every inbound lead call you generate‚Ķprint, internet, tv, or otherwise.  Track My Calls provides the ability to optimize campaigns based on the sources that are generating customers!  In addition to tracking the exact results of your marketing and advertising, there are a number of other features and benefits that will help to boost your company's bottom line.

Synergy Lead Qualification and Lead Conversion services give you the peace of mind to know that every lead you generate is handled with great care and has the best possible opportunity to generate business.  Once we work with you to develop a strategy and customize the parameters for converting and qualifying your leads, our highly-trained team will implement that strategy as an extension of your office staff so that your team can focus on sales and service.  

Synergy Lead Generation supplements your marketing by bringing qualified leads right to your business.  Switching up your marketing, but can't afford to turn off the flow of leads?  Stuck in between campaigns hitting the streets?  Whatever the reason, don't just sit and wait for your marketing to kick back in.  Start generating quality leads for your business right away using Synergy Marketing's unique, proven model of lead generation.