Simple Yet Powerful

Marketing Tools That Change The Way You Do Business


Simple Yet Powerful

Marketing Tools That Change The Way You Do Business

What we do


"88% (of prospects) have been influenced by an online customer review when making a buying decision."1 It's more important than ever to montior your reviews, respond to reviews, and generate positive reviews, all in the Synergy Suite.


It doesn't matter if your customers are one-time buyers or clients returning every week. They want to be engaged! It's easier than ever with the Synergy Suite. Post "ready-made" content on social media, connect with prospects, and generate new leads.


One of the most important aspects of growing your business is knowing who is looking for what you're offering. That's why the Synergy Suite gives you the tools to understand who is looking for your products and services and how you can reach them.

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Don't leave your sales to chance. Make sure your marketing efforts are validated with our tracking. Then, follow up with prospects in seconds. Research shows that connecting with a lead in under a minute dramatically increases their probability of buying.

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Power Play

Putting Control Back Into The Hands of Business Owners

Power Play

Putting Control Back Into The Hands of Business Owners

The Synergy suite

Reputation Management


This jam-packed tool allows you to view all of the reviews about your business, respond to reviews in a timely fashion, access mentions about your business on the web, and communicate with those checking in at your competitor accross the street.


It's one thing to see the reviews already online, but how do you get new, positive reviews? Our Review Generation tool allows you to ask your customers and site visitors for reviews in a number of ways and posts positive reviews automatically.


These days, social media is just as much about customer service as it is about marketing your business. This tool allows you to engage your customers' needs and concerns from the convenience of our platform.

Social Marketing


Keeping up with your social media accounts can be time consuming. The Social Posting feature provides you with ready-made, industry-specific content that you can post on all of your accounts with the click of a button, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Lead Generation

With a few keywords and geotags, you can find users who are looking for your products and services on social media. Then, see who is checking-in at your competition's location and send those customers timely and targeted messages or marketing materials.


This tool gives you important data that will help you understand your marketing efforts and give you insights into your social profiles. Plus, you can monitor changes in your reach for each of your social media profiles.

Presence Builder

Responsive Mobile

Last year, Google released a major update to its search algorithm in favor of mobile-friendly sites, which are now being ranked higher than their desktop-only counterparts. That makes Micro-sites a no-brainer.


Listing Distribution submits your business listing to over 300 online listing directories that disseminate business info all over the web making your business easier to find. Get your business higher in online searches with this essential tool.


Listing Distribution is great, but it takes time. Utilize the Presence Blast to put your information out to 40+ of the most important directories at lightning fast speeds. Plus, update business information with the click of a button - all in one place.

Lead Tracking And Conversion



Our service monitors and reports the impact of any marketing piece - web, email, radio, TV, or print. This is a powerful tool to help businesses protect their investment in traditional marketing and the digital realm, as well.


80% of Internet leads that convert will do so with the first business they talk to. Our Lead Conversion platform makes the most of your leads - reaching them within 30 seconds and following up at industry-determined intervals.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment



Our commitment at Synergy Marketing revolves around integrity. It means that we do what's absolutely in the best interest of our clients. We want businesses to work with us when they see value in our products and services. Our desire is that our clients know that they are not just clients, but partners with Synergy Marketing - that they don't have to do it alone. We are not interested in simply making the next sale, but setting our clients up for long-term success. If who we are and what we do interests you, reach out to us.