Lead Tracking

Pinpoint Marketing Analysis

Step 1: Track My Calls provides local or toll-free phone numbers for you to place into each of your ads. (print, radio, tv, internet, direct mail, etc...)

Step 2: Prospects dial the phone number in your ads and calls ring to any phone number you choose with custom call-routing capabilities for your business to ensure that calls are answered in a timely fashion. However, voicemail capabilities are also provided in the event that your staff is not available.

Step 3: Track My Calls captures caller data and automatically builds a database for you including name, phone #, address, date/time of call, call duration and call result. Call recording is also available so that you know exactly what was said on every call.

Step 4: You and your staff access robust, real-time reports, caller information and call recordings online 24/7 from any location. Automated email reports, missed call notifications and voicemails can also be setup to be sent via email. Reports include: Calls Summary, Calls by Campaign, Calls by Geography, Calls by Group, Calls by Hour/Day, Call Detail Reports and more.

Step 5: Finally, use reports to make smarter marketing decisions based on real data, eliminating guesswork, dramatically reducing costs and increasing response to your ads by focusing on those that truly perform!

Lead Conversion


With Lead Conversion, Synergy will call you when you get a new Internet lead or when aged leads get hot again. And if you don't connect on the first attempt, relax. We'll call you again at optimum intervals to make sure every lead gets maximum effort. No need to keep track or create tasks. Selling just got easy!


  • If you call a new lead within 60 seconds, your chances of converting that lead increases 500%. But 30 seconds is better. We connect you within 10 seconds.
  • 80% of Internet leads that convert will do so with the first business they talk to. 
  • Calls can be delivered to your reps and locations based on your business rules - Round-robin, step ringing and more. 
  • Have complete understanding of how every lead was handled and the outcome by source and by rep. 


  • Works seamlessly with virtually any CRM, 
  • Landing page platform or marketing automation system. No IT required. 
  • Attempting to reach a lead 3 times doubles your chance of conversion. We automate your re-attempts up to 6X for optimal results. 
  • After-hour leads are parked until the next business day so no lead gets left behind. 
  • Integrates with MailChimp and other email service providers to automate email messages between call attempts. 

Can't Manage All of Your Calls?

No Problem! Synergy can have your calls routed to our call center first. We’re able to qualify callers so you know they’ve met important criteria before getting your team involved. Only then, do we schedule appointments, enter information into lead forms, or live transfer calls to your office.